Here we go again...

You’d have thought that after all the rhetoric being blasted around about fake news that the world of journalism might be taking some extra precautions to make themselves seem respectable. Apparently at least one newspaper is doing the exact opposite of that. I wonder if you can guess which one.

Why I love Rush

Several images dominate most people’s perception of prog-rock. Vegetarian lentil stews coupled with anti-fashion capes and absurdly prophetic robes. Those images are not entirely untrue, but they’re a little simplistic.

Air strikes

We were told to expect the unexpected when Trump was elected. The bombing of a Syrian-Russian air base where chemical weapons attacks were masterminded was still not anticipated by anyone.

Ours is not the budget that matters

Philip Hammond made a faux pas a few weeks ago by breaking a manifesto promise and raising National Insurance in the spring budget. He went against political tradition and seemingly against the will of the people: the only reason that the Conservatives are in power is because people trusted them to make good on their promises and make their lives better.